Anti Ragging Cell & Squad Details

Anti Ragging Squad 

As per UGC regulations F.1-16/2007(CPP-II) dated 17.06.09 an Anti Ragging squad comprising of the following members is formed for maintaining vigil, oversight and patrolling functions and shall remain mobile, alert and active at all timeslook up into all cases pertaining to ragging and every measure possible, to prevent any instance of ragging occurring in the campus or outside it. Any student who finds any instance of ragging or any student who is affected by ragging may contact the members below for help. It is also warned that any student who is found engaged in the act of ragging will be dealt with strictly as per prevailing rules and regulations and will be handed over to the Police, undergo criminal procedure and will be summarily dismissed from the College without further notice.

  • Udayakumar C (Senior lecturer in Computer)
  • Subi T S (Lecturer in Electronics)
  • Gisha Thankachi M S(Lecturer in Electronics)
  • Bindu T S(Lecturer in Mathematics)

Anti Ragging Committee

Civil Administration

  • Vadakkencherry Grama Panchayath President


  • 9497987153 (C.I of Police)
  • 9497980636 (S.I of Police)

Staff Members

  • Principal
  • Subi T S -Lecturer
  • Bindu T S -Lecturer
  • Sudha G Lecturer
  • Gisha Thankachi M S-Lecturer
  • Sabitha S Panicker-Lecturer

Student Members

  • Harikrishnan C6
  • Aswathy Rajendran-c6
  • Vinayaraj-BF6
  • Abdul Rahman-BC6
  • Athulya-BC6
  • Shahid- E6
  • Sukrutha-E6
  • Anjana-BF2
  • Marganath V S-BF2
  • Areena -BC2
  • Ashik Sudheer-BC1
  • Jini Roy-E2
  • Anand P K-E2
  • Unnikrishnan R-C2
  • Raveenamol C-C2


  • PTA Vice President